With almost 20 years of practical experience in the industry, BSC personnel have developed a wealth of knowledge regarding wireless systems and networks. Our in-house technicians and engineers provide support to a vast array of customers in varying industries for a wide-range of applications. With numerous manufacturer and professional certifications, our technicians have both the fundamental and real-world experience to grasp the problem at hand and find a resolution. We also have a broad network of resources at our disposal with manufacturers and business partners. These key relationships enable us to remain on the leading edge of technology advancements.
A feasibility study is the first step in evaluating possible solutions that meet or exceed your requirements for a particular application. There are many factors that impact the successful deployment of a wireless system (bandwidth, reliability, site selection, latency, etc.). BSC can help you at the start by asking the right questions and defining the necessary parameters involved in the system design. Once we have identified your requirements and performed the initial assessment, we can help get your project off the ground with the following services:
  • Link Budget Calculations
  • Wireless Path Profiles and Propagation Models
  • Site Surveys and RF analysis
  • System Hardware Selection
  • Pre-configuration, Performance Testing and Commissioning


After all the project analysis, network design and hardware selection is completed, it is time to deploy your system. Proper configuration and installation of wireless radios and associated infrastructure is critical to optimizing performance and long-term viability of the network. Because of the nature of radio waves and how they interact with the physical environment, it often requires on-site adjustments to maximize the potential of these devices. We are here to make sure you get the most out of your technology investment. BSC has the resources necessary for professional project management to installation and post deployment support.


BSC began as an Asset Management/Inventory Liquidation company and Secondary Market Reseller. As a result, one of our strengths is supply chain logistics. Our staff is keenly aware of the potential pitfalls related to the Distribution channel and how it impacts our customers. Stock shortages, manufacturer delays, product recalls, and transportation issues are just some of the challenges that must be addressed on a daily basis. Equipment upgrades, firmware updates and next-generation product releases create an ever-changing landscape for our customers. Our job is to manage this process so you can focus on other priorities.

In addition to the vast resources we have available from manufacturers, suppliers and technology partners to support our customers, BSC also has the in-house staff and facilities to properly manage and support the demands of all your critical projects. Our 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse is centrally located just south of St. Louis, Missouri and is loaded with the components and accessories necessary to service your customers.


BSC is equipped to provide you with professional level wireless site surveys and spectrum analysis. A wireless site survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network to provide a solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service desired by the client.

The survey usually involves a site visit to test for RF interference and to identify optimum installation locations for access points. This requires analysis of site locations, building floor plans, inspection of the facility and use of site survey tools.get the most out of your technology investment. BSC has the resources necessary for professional project management to installation and post deployment support.

Site surveys are often conducted for the following designs:

Point-to-Point (PTP) License-Exempt Wireless and Licensed Microwave Links

Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Wireless Links and Mesh Networks

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless LAN networks

Each of these solutions has specific performance characteristics and design criteria. Your specific application will dictate which solution or combination of these is appropriate to meet your requirements.

In order for us to provide a cost estimate and feasibility assessment for your project, BSC engineers require some basic information to start the process. Please use the following links and forms to submit your request.


Wireless surveys display and record information from all the key areas of a wireless network including received signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference and noise levels. The reported information enables optimisation of ‘access point’ channels choices of antenna’s, AP transmit power levels and locations creating a more effective wireless network.

Unique software and techniques work in any environment, supporting all WiFi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) networks.

If required a wireless network prediction is performed in mapping out RF coverage of offices, saving the cost of initial wireless network viability analysis.


A full spectrum analysis will include detection, measure and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and legacy wireless devices can have a profound impact on a wireless network.

  • RF Interference
  • Measurement of SNR
  • RF power peaks
  • WiFi Channel interference
  • WiFi Channel Overlap


  • Detection, measure and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network.
  • Calculate the WiFi supported data rates that can be expected throughout the premises.
  • Access point locations
  • Wireless bridge locations
  •  Antenna’s and other wireless equipment.
  • Co-location of WiFi access points with channel selection and reuse.
  • Information such as; antenna selection, orientation and polarisation.
  • Look for signs of, reflection, refraction, multipath, hidden nodes, dead spots etc.


  • Detailed information on the data gathered from the survey
  • Photographs the location of all wireless equipment.
  • Maps of the WiFi RF coverage.
  • Details of RF interference.
  • WiFi Equipment list.

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