CFIP PhoeniX M



CFIP PhoeniX M split mount system consists of PhoeniX M IDU and PhoeniX ODU (XPIC functionality supported). PhoeniX M IDU provides up to 63E1 and 2xSTM-1 bringing the total maximum capacity to 360 Mbps full duplex.


interface modules

GigE Master IO module with 2E1+4xEthernet

The GigE Master IO Module is a non-optional component for the CFIP PhoeniX M series IDUs. The module includes:

  • High performance Ethernet bridge with 4×10/100/1000Base-T ports with RJ-45 TP interfaces (requires Cat5e cables);
  • 2 x E1 ports (RJ-45);
  • SFP Module slot for 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, or 1000Base-LX modules;
  • Auxiliary port (64 kbps) Data Order Wire: RS422/RS232 via RJ45;

Master Modules:

  • GigE Master IO module with 2E1+4xEthernet
  • Enhanced GigE IO module with 2E1+4xEthernet
  • Master IO module with 42E1
  • Standard IO module with 16E1+2xEthernet
  • Enhanced IO module with 16E1+2Ethernet
  • Carrier Ethernet master module with GE ports, STM-1 ports and 16x E1/T1

Expansion Modules:

  • STM-1 Optical Mini IO module
  • STM-1 Electrical Mini IO module
  • 16E1 Expansion IO module
  • Expansion IO module with 21E1
  • 2xSTM-1 SFP E module

Controller modules:

  • Controller module


  • Unified modem/IF module
  • Power Supplies:
  • Power Supply module

High Capacity Throughput

Market-proven technology supporting 256 QAM modulation and 56 MHz channel bandwidth ensures a high throughput capacity of up to 63E1/T1 channels or 360 Mbps per radio.

Flexible network configuration

With Gigabit Ethernet, E1/T1 and STM-1 ports it is possible to install the system in various network topologies (for instance, ring, repeater chain, E1 SNCP ring) and configurations (up to 4+0 aggregation with built-in switching, 1+1 link protection in HSB/FD/SD, port-separated management).

Perfect For Network Upgrade

Flexible TDM/IP architecture allows easy transition from TDM-only (up to 63E1/T1 or 4xSTM-1) to hybrid (32E1/T1 + 5 x Gigabit Ethernet + 4xSTM-1) or IP-only (up to 9 x Gigabit Ethernet) network using single highly adjustable PhoeniX M device (per site).

Key Characteristics

Capacity 348 Mbps
Frequency bands 6; 7; 8; 10; 11; 13; 15; 18; 23; 24; 26; 38 GHz 6; 11; 13; 15; 18; 23; 38 GHz
Modulations QPSK, 16QAM, 32QAM,128QAM, 256QAM
Channel Bandwidth 7/14/28/40/56 MHz 5/10/20/30/40/50/56 MHz
Form factor IDU:

1U rack; 45x430x240 mm; 3.4kg



288x288x80 mm; 3.5 kg


1U rack, 1.77×16.92×9.44 inch; 7.5 lbs



11.34×11.34×3.15 inch; 7.72 lbs

Power consumption IDU:20-30W



16-27W Standard radio power version;

32-39W High radio power version




13-27W Standard radio power version;

21-39W High radio power version;