Business Systems Connection is glad to announce that PLANET’s Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway–WIPG-300H is now available for purchase! Compared with the earlier presentation gateway, the WIPG-300H supports not only the Windows and Mac platforms, but also presentation and screen mirroring through the iOS and Android mobile devices. Apps for smart devices compatible with the WIPG-300HH are available to download via the Google Play and Apple App Store. This presentation gateway also includes an interactive feature with IWB (Intelligent White Board) and mobile apps which enable users to reverse control or synchronize screen display for different platforms.

The WIPG-300H also features UoIP (USB over IP) technology which can connect USB devices wirelessly; for example, a UoIP connected tablet controlling a touch screen.  A remote desktop connection is also possible by plugging a standard USB keyboard and mouse into the front panel ports of the presentation gateway to control a PC. The WIPG-300H comes with interactive applications for iOS and Android, such as Web Slides that can allow an audience to use a web browser to view a speaker’s slides, and the Sidepad function to control a projection screen on a PC or Mac via mobile devices.  Sharing smartphone, tablet or laptop screens is a breeze with the MirrorOP application. When you’re ready to collaborate, the WiFi Doc app allows high-quality presentation of your documents.

This presentation gateway goes above and beyond maximizing the convenience of sharing. The 4-to-1 split screen feature allows up to four PC / Laptop screens to be projected through one projector simultaneously by wireless LAN. The embedded Windows-based utility enables the connected users to directly download all essential utilities from the web UI or simply execute the utility from the included USB token. The WIPG-300H also functions as an access point with a 10/100 LAN port and 2.4GHz radio, and when the AP-Client function is activated and the WIPG-300H joins the existing access point through Wi-Fi, participants are able to access the Internet and Intranet at all times, even while wireless presentations are projecting.

Among other neat improvements the WIPG-300H offers: the video output goes all the way up to 1080p high definition video via HDMI (VGA output is also possible). The presentation gateway can now be reverted to factory settings with a reset button located on the bottom panel. The expanded OS compatibility features also include Google Chromebooks. The streaming video capabilities are limited with mobile devices, but they are perfect for sharing slideshows. Whether you want to show four different perspectives on the same project, or watch four live streams of each sports team in your bracket, the WIPG-300H has your multimedia needs covered.

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