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Wireless and wired guest room access is not only an opportunity as an additional source of revenue for your business, but also an expected or required value-added amenity. Guest usage trends show an increased use of the Internet, as well as, the amount of bandwidth used during each session. Hoteliers must provide fast reliable Internet access that can support the multiple Wi-Fi and wired devices that many guest now own and travel with. Convention and meeting planners today demand reliable wired and wireless internet access for their conferences, seminars and events.

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The exterior of the Convention Center at night in Tampa, Florida.

Convention Centers

High speed connectivity is a critical and key component for repeat business. Internet access is a profitable opportunity for event facilities of any size. Venues benefit directly from access fees and exhibition sponsored common area wireless or hot-spot facilities. An added benefit of providing public internet access is that attendees tend to stay and spend on meals and refreshments rather than leave the venue.



Stadium operators need to offer an Internet access service which can cope with the surge of traffic on game day or exhibition day can use the internet access as another touch point to customers to increase revenue from food and beverage sales while users are accessing game scores online. Stadium operators need to offer Internet access services to a range of customers such fans, exhibition attendees, as well as media covering the event. The service needs to be delivered in a secure and reliable manner for these customers.

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Multi Dwelling Units

Reliable high-speed Internet access to multi-dwelling units such as apartments and condominiums is a expected amenity for new tenants. As broadband internet access demands keep growing, the opportunity to generate incremental revenue for the property owner becomes an increasingly compelling proposition.

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Cafés and Restaurants

Internet access at a café or restaurant not only attracts customers, it makes your venue a location for business. Customers tend to stay longer and purchase more. Opportunities to direct customers to sales and promotional offerings also help increase revenue.

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