healthcare, technology and medicine concept - serious doctor with tablet pc computer and patient in hospital

Efforts to lower cost and improve the quality of healthcare continues to put strain on the medical industry in an environment of increased government regulation. Improvements in technology and the ability to have nearly instantaneous access to information is creating opportunities for substantial increases in staff efficiency and patient care.


It is a growing trend for Hospitals to install WIFI networks to enable their staff to be more mobile (Patient record access via smart devices, WIFI phones, nurse call systems, medical test/drug prescription order placement, etc) as well as support new monitoring technology (cardiac telemetry, portable patient monitors, real time location systems for assets, etc). These WIFI networks also allow Hospitals to offer Internet access to patients and visitors. Offering access to patient can improve patient’s welfare as well as providing an additional revenue stream for the Hospital. The access must also be secure to protect the existing internal network from external attacks while keeping the IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant.

Medical Centers and Nursing Homes

Medical Centers although generally smaller than hospitals have similar networking requirements when deploying Wi-Fi, but on limited budgets. Offering Internet access creates an opportunity to keep patients and visitors entertained and comfortable while creating another revenue stream for the medical center. The service must be easy to manage and reliable as Medical center IT resources are also limited.


Clinics are ideal locations to offer Internet connectivity to patients in waiting rooms. Clinics can be WIFI Hotspots which can offer patients the convenience of accessing the Internet while waiting to see the Doctor. The service can also enhance patient service, minimizing time wasted. Finally the service must be easy to use by patients and simple and require almost no local IT expertise to maintain.

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