BSC can design, deploy and support outdoor wireless networks for schools that allow outdoor environments to be interconnected. The right outdoor wireless solution from BSC will provide the same capacity and reliability of a wired network. Our solutions are idea for Courtyards, Sports Fields, and any outdoor areas on campus that require coverage.

BSC designed outdoor networks provide a flexible wireless infrastructure that supports multiple user groups and multiple applications, such as large-scale outdoor Wi-Fi access and mobility, and high-speed connectivity for video surveillance cameras, IP Telephony and more.

  • Provide large-scale outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. Students expect their Wi-Fi laptops, smartphones and tablets to connect, regardless of how far they roam. BSC enables Wi-Fi services to be extended over large campus with ease and reliability.
  • Deliver high-quality voice and video. BSC outdoor wireless network, real-time applications such as IP voice and video surveillance are not only possible, but practical. BSC can design a system that ensures the delivery, high-definition (HD) video and high-quality voice by employing quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management.
  • High-speed mobility. BSC wireless solution, Wi-Fi clients can move from wireless router to wireless router with lightning fast speed. Such speed makes the BSC wireless solution ideal to support mobility in all types of applications.