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Almost any business imaginable has a need or application that can be fulfilled with today’s wireless technology. As the technology has improved and become more prolific, the cost to acquire and deploy these systems has also been driven down. This has enabled businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits offered by today’s wireless systems, often times providing a better return on investment than more traditional technologies.

  • Indoor Wireless System additions, upgrades and enhancements
  • T1/E1 and Fiber Replacements/Extensions
  • Seamless Point-to-Point connectivity to warehouse, branch office or service center
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Office to Campus Connectivity and Campus Wide Coverage
  • Added capacity for on-demand data and HD video
  • High-speed video surveillance backhaul
  • Reliable communications in previously inaccessible areas


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Construction projects require data access on-site regardless of location. By nature, most of these projects begin well before any network infrastructure is in place. Wireless connectivity is often the best and most economical solution in providing your crew access to the information they need to keep things moving.  Remote video monitoring can also be a valuable tool in protecting assets and keeping the project site secure.


An educational campus community demands high levels of access to both the public internet and the institutions internal networks and requires stringent control over management of usage and bandwidth. Both wired and wireless connection availability is expected in almost every building on campus, labs, libraries, and residence halls. Examples of stakeholders in need for a broadband internet connection are students, faculty, staff and official visitors. The cost of providing public Internet access to such a broad range of stakeholders can easily be turned into a steady revenue stream. BSC is working to help remove traditional and physical barriers to online learning by providing highly efficient and cost-effective wireless and wired broadband solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions, both large and small. Our goal is to help you modernize and future-proof your network at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired networks.


Typical Applications

  • Indoor Wireless System additions, upgrades and enhancements
  • Leased Line and Fiber Replacement/Extensions
  • Network Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery and Emergency Services
  • Building to Building Connectivity and Campus Wide Coverage
  • Added capacity for on-demand data, HD video and Video Conferencing
  • High-speed video surveillance backhaul
  • Reliable communications in previously inaccessible areas
  • Communications for Special Events

Government and Public Safety

In addition to the need for speed and demand for large volumes of data/video, the Government and Public Safety sectors have heightened concerns for their system’s security and reliability. Many of today’s wireless transport systems offer advanced encryption methods which meet the highest standards set for government operations.

Cameras and microphone, audio and video security system

Typical Applications

  • LTE, macro-cell and small-cell backhaul
  • Indoor Wireless System additions, upgrades and enhancements
  • Fixed Leased-Line and Fiber Replacements/Extensions
  • Network Redundancy
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) backhaul
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery
  • Office to Campus Connectivity and Campus Wide Coverage
  • Added capacity for on-demand data and HD video for Satellite offices
  • High-speed video surveillance extensions and backhaul
  • Rapid deployment communications for emergencies and special events
  • On-scene video monitoring
  • Last-Mile access


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Efforts to lower cost and improve the quality of healthcare continues to put strain on the medical industry in an environment of increased government regulation. Improvements in technology and the ability to have nearly instantaneous access to information is creating opportunities for substantial increases in staff efficiency and patient care.


It is a growing trend for Hospitals to install WIFI networks to enable their staff to be more mobile (Patient record access via smart devices, WIFI phones, nurse call systems, medical test/drug prescription order placement, etc) as well as support new monitoring technology (cardiac telemetry, portable patient monitors, real time location systems for assets, etc). These WIFI networks also allow Hospitals to offer Internet access to patients and visitors. Offering access to patient can improve patient’s welfare as well as providing an additional revenue stream for the Hospital. The access must also be secure to protect the existing internal network from external attacks while keeping the IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant.

Medical Centers and Nursing Homes

Medical Centers although generally smaller than hospitals have similar networking requirements when deploying Wi-Fi, but on limited budgets. Offering Internet access creates an opportunity to keep patients and visitors entertained and comfortable while creating another revenue stream for the medical center. The service must be easy to manage and reliable as Medical center IT resources are also limited.


Clinics are ideal locations to offer Internet connectivity to patients in waiting rooms. Clinics can be WIFI Hotspots which can offer patients the convenience of accessing the Internet while waiting to see the Doctor. The service can also enhance patient service, minimizing time wasted. Finally the service must be easy to use by patients and simple and require almost no local IT expertise to maintain.

Hospitality and Real Estate


Wireless and wired guest room access is not only an opportunity as an additional source of revenue for your business, but also an expected or required value-added amenity. Guest usage trends show an increased use of the Internet, as well as, the amount of bandwidth used during each session. Hoteliers must provide fast reliable Internet access that can support the multiple Wi-Fi and wired devices that many guest now own and travel with. Convention and meeting planners today demand reliable wired and wireless internet access for their conferences, seminars and events.

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The exterior of the Convention Center at night in Tampa, Florida.

Convention Centers

High speed connectivity is a critical and key component for repeat business. Internet access is a profitable opportunity for event facilities of any size. Venues benefit directly from access fees and exhibition sponsored common area wireless or hot-spot facilities. An added benefit of providing public internet access is that attendees tend to stay and spend on meals and refreshments rather than leave the venue.



Stadium operators need to offer an Internet access service which can cope with the surge of traffic on game day or exhibition day can use the internet access as another touch point to customers to increase revenue from food and beverage sales while users are accessing game scores online. Stadium operators need to offer Internet access services to a range of customers such fans, exhibition attendees, as well as media covering the event. The service needs to be delivered in a secure and reliable manner for these customers.

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Multi Dwelling Units

Reliable high-speed Internet access to multi-dwelling units such as apartments and condominiums is a expected amenity for new tenants. As broadband internet access demands keep growing, the opportunity to generate incremental revenue for the property owner becomes an increasingly compelling proposition.

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Cafés and Restaurants

Internet access at a café or restaurant not only attracts customers, it makes your venue a location for business. Customers tend to stay longer and purchase more. Opportunities to direct customers to sales and promotional offerings also help increase revenue.

Internet Service Providers


Service Providers have been one of the earliest and most resourceful adopters of the wireless technology boom. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP’s) are now nation-wide bringing affordable high-speed Internet access to commercial and residential customers alike.

BSC has been serving the ISP market with products and value-added services for more than a decade. As one of the early members of WISPA (Wireless Internet Service Providers Association), we have come to understand what it takes to successfully serve this marketplace.

Growing Services Profitably

  • LTE, macro-cell and small-cell backhaul
  • Extend Services into underserved and remote areas
  • Add capacity to meet growing customer requirements for data/video/VoIP
  • Network Redundancy
  • Wi-Fi Off-loading
  • High-Speed Wireless back-haul
  • Fiber Optic Solutions to enhance networks
  • High-speed video surveillance extensions and backhaul

Energy and Utilities


Energy and Utility companies have welcomed the Digital Age and continue to reap the benefits. With the ability to remotely monitor and control vast amounts of data, they have improved productivity, safety and response time to issues. Harsh and remote locations need special consideration in design and deployment in order to withstand the rigors of these environments.

Common Applications

  • Process Control Systems (PCS) backhaul
  • Long distance backhaul even in hostile environments
  • Smart-meter backhaul
  • Remote monitoring and control of SCADA systems
  • Analog to Digital migration
  • Network Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Wire-line replacement and extensions
  • Fiber Optic Solutions to enhance networks
  • High-speed video surveillance extensions and backhaul

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